The way to cosplay Batman

Playing anime characters is a very exciting and challenging thing. Not everyone can play a person who is completely different from his own situation or even does not exist in daily life.

If you want to play Batman, first you need to know what kind of person he is.

Everyone has a superhero dream in their heart. Superhero movies have created a variety of superheroes to satisfy all their fantasy. Batman is one of the classic characters of superheroes, and is popular for his handsome appearance and superb fighting skills.

Batman’s name is Bruce Wayne. He is a superhero from DC Comics. He made his debut in the particular 27th issue of “Detective Comics” by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. He is the first superhero without superpowers in the history of comics. Bruce Wayne was born in the Wayne family, which is one of the four main families in Gotham. One night, Bruce Wayne’s parents took the young Bruce to the movie “Zorro” and went home. When they passed a small road, they were robbed by gangsters. The gangster brutally killed his parents in front of Bruce.

Since then, Bruce has always wanted to wipe out sin. In order to prevent others from suffering the same tragedy as himself, Bruce traveled the world for decades and visited the top kung fu or legendary figures in the East and the West. He learned martial arts fighting skills from master fighters.

After returning to the United States, he used his abundant financial resources to manufacture various high-tech equipment. During the day, he is the wealthy second-generation and playboy in the eyes of others. At night, he is the dark knight-Batman who makes criminals bewildered.

What equipment do I need to play Batman? The following will explain one by one.


The mask is Batman’s most eye-catching equipment. We are temporarily out of stock, but it’s okay. You can still buy quality clothes in our store, and then buy matching masks in other stores.

Tops and pants

The tops and trousers are the same dark gray, showing an overall sense of harmony. There is a huge black bat on his chest, showing his identity.


The cloak is also one of Batman’s characteristics. It is made of PU leather and is not easy to be scratched. Because the bat’s wings are black, the color is black. In addition, the cloak must be large. The cloak is an important tool when Batman flies.

Gloves and boots

Both use leather, the color is uniform black and gold, low-key and luxurious. Boots can’t be ignored while ensuring gorgeousness and comfort. You need to wear them to complete the perfect display of the day.

Belt, wallet

Belts are used to store pockets, and pockets are used to equip weapons. You need to make sure that the texture of the belt is not too cheap.

If you have learned some combat skills, it will be a very good choice. You will bring greater surprises to the entire outfit and be able to show what you have learned at the exhibition. This must be a good experience ! Put on this cosplay costume and have fun at the Halloween party!

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