Swiss Watches – Choosing from Simple Design or Complicated Design?

SUGGESTION ONE: Replica Patek philippe Aquanaut series 5167 a – 001 watch – simple design

For this watch, inside it there also is the Calatrava cross symbol, its rubber composite material is very soft, and it has the certain ductility. Perhaps the biggest drawback of this strap is that it is a little difficult for you to perfectly fit the strap with your wrist size. If you are a watch lover, and like constantly looking at the watch, and you are going to add a extra branded new watch for your small wrist, this Patek philippe Aquanaut series 5167 a – 001 is just your choice, and pay attention that this watch is not so suitable for most big wrist buyers.


The IWC Portuguese PERPETUAL CALENDAR watch carried with the double phase of the moon display function showed the North and south hemispheres of the phase change process of profit and loss in the way of mirror symmetry. And this is also made by the IWC watchmaker engineers for the first time, aiming at making the wearer in the Southern Hemisphere can also appreciate the correct phase of the moon position on the watch dial. This IWC watch for the first time did not set the countdown display function to display the days left to the waxing moon next time. Instead, the wrist watch designers made the whole Bi-monthly phase display small dial designed into one side of starry night sky, small dial color is consistent with big dial. As a result, the moon and the stars like floating in the endless sky. This watch is carrying with the automatic mechanical movement, the watch case is made of 18k white gold and it is in the size of 44.2 mm in diameter and the strap is crocodile leather strap.

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