Rotonde de Cartier HPI00591

Cartier has released the perpetual calendar Chronograph HPI00591of Rotonde de Cartier series with dark brown jersey. The new HPI00591watches also carry 9422 MC perpetual calendar movement, and combine the timing function and perpetual calendar functions together to deduce the true essence of the traditional tabulation process incisively and vividly. In addition, the dark brown dial design matches white gold or red gold case to show its noble elegant demeanor.

Different from the creative aesthetic design of the Tortue series and Calibre series wrist watches, Rotonde DE Cartier watch HPI00591 is carrying the 9422 MC type perpetual calendar movement deduced in a traditional way. In addition, the new Rotonde DE Cartier watch HPI00591hidden the timing function and perpetual calendar function in the red gold or platinum watch case which is 40.5 millimeters in diameter; on the dark brown watch dial, week day is indicated with a retrograde type pointer, and large size date is displayed on the edge of the watch dial, while the month and year display are setting at the position of the when the 12 o’clock. Under the transparent sapphire crystal watch case, you can enjoy the graceful rhythm of the pendulum which is engraved the Cartier brand logo. Matching with the leather strap with the same tone as watch dial tone will be more elegant and charming for the Rotonde de Cartier watch HPI00591.

However, some watch fans will take the Tank Anglaise wrist watch to compare with the Rotonde de Cartier. watches replica Tank Anglaise as a Tank’s youngest member in the family, the collocation with bright color alligator strap shows more women’s enthusiasm and vigor; the watch ears decorated with the diamonds, setting each other off the watch strap to highlight women’s delicate and soft characters. Whether to choose the Cartier Tank Anglaise or the Rotonde de Cartier HPI00591, it depends on you according to your taste and your style.

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