Hublot King Power and Los Angeles Lakers

King Power is the first watch since Hublot become the official partner with Lakers. Kobe then become the promotion ambassador, and Hublot built two special watches for him: King Power Black Mamba and King Power Mamba King Gold.

At night, Hublot hold special event to celebrate the new watch in the Beverly Hills. Kobe and James Ager Worthy attended. As the members of Lakers, James is chose as the 50 great NBA superstar and won the MVP in 1988. “Lakers is a legend and the most popular team,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, “and it is a great honor to become partners. Hublot King Power Lakers special edition will genuinely facilitates our partnership and through such a relationship, HUblot will bring the Art of Fusion into sports circle. ”

“Lakers has glory history, and the King Power speaks for Lakers’ spirit”, said Jeanie Buss, vice CEO of Lakers, “joining the partnership with international company like Hublot, push us to pursue the best, and tried to the leader in the sport circle. ” Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers is a man watch. A big size of 48 mm case that is made of carbon fiber is not a rough work but delicate piece of art. Inspired by the team’s polo shirt, designers choose violet gold as the material. There are four 12-minute counters representing (four session in a race with 12 minutes of a session), and are coated separately with black, purple and god. The logo is seen at 3 o’clock and through the button of the watch you can see the Lakers’ signature. Finally, only 50 of watches are available and everyone of it has two bracelet.

Among all the Hublot King Power watches, the Watches Los Angeles Lakers REF.748.QX.1199.NR.LAK14 is really a great choice with the limited edition of 50 pieces.

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