High Quality Replica Watches-Briefing in Replica Breguet Marine 5817

Among all the high quality replica watches, the replica Breguet Navigation expressed its ideas through the solid casual watch and satisfies consumers’ needs for comfort, fashion and of useful. Replica Breguet once was a precision instruments producer for French navy and Marine completely met every criterions of military chronograph. Today, we will look at a Replica Breguet Marine and the official number is: 5817ST/92/SV0.

Marine series has a strengthen case and protective crown to make sure that the watch can work properly even under a terrible environment, while the skills and types shows the elegant design. Marine series is completely made of stainless steel with a black and white dial. The regular Roman time numbers on the dial radiates a powerful feel while the blue hand radiates a feminine feel. On the side of watch is a typical coin pattern, which is a traditional design of Replica Breguet. On the crown there branded with replica Breguet’s logo and a protection bridge serves as a protection for crown.

Coin-pattern lug and vertical lug-the typical Replica Breguet elements-are presented. Replica Breguet Marine 5817 tell times through the three hands. A small aperture is set on the six o’clock to show date. At the meantime, marine watches are trying to express the charming of ocean culture through the ornamentation on the watch.

The military-background watch decided its solid case and Replica Breguet also incorporated modern elements into it, making it both classic and fashion. The Marine 5817 is the early work. The automatic movement is fitted with a big date display, and central small second. Through the black and white dial wave patterns can be seen clearly which indicates that this series is closely connected to the navigation culture. At the 6 o’clock, a big aperture of date display can be seen. Among navigation watches, the big date display is a standard equipment, or we could say, a tradition.

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