Blancpain Villeret Sheep Zodiac Limited Edition About To Launching

Blancpain, applying the principle of calculating time and date, displays the beauty of Chinese traditional chronograph. In the dial, there are quite a tight layout. Hour hand, minute hand and standard date counter are presented before you, and melts some important Chinese chronograph elements, such as 12 hours, lunar calendar, leap year, and 12 zodiac animals. As an important chronograph among Blancpain watches, the moon phase is closely connected to the traditional calendar, and plays an important role in the tourbillon.

Blancpain New 3638 Movement
This Blancpain watch has an brand-new automatic winding 3638 movement. Within the movement, there are 39 diamonds and 434 components, and it has 7 days energy reserve which is longer than most watches. Complicated skills and techniques make it possible to display the irregular lunar date. The hour hand, minute hand and a standard date counter is set in the center of the dial, while there are a 12-hour counter in the dial. What’s more, the lunar month and lunar date display at 9 o’clock, and a year aperture is set at 12 o’clock. Finally, a moon phase aperture is set at 6 o’clock. Being different to the standard calendar, Chinese lunar calendar is different in the calculation. A lunar year consists of 12 lunar months which is 11 days less than the standard calendar. Given that some years will start in the new moon, the span of a month may reaches 29 days or 30 days that is shorter than the standard date. As we can see, there are 13 months in some year.

As one of the fake luxury watches, this Blancpain Villeret is made of platinum in the case and the crown is set with a round-cut ruby while in the lug there are 5 hidden adjusting buttons. So if you are a man of Chinese culture, then this Villeret will be a good one for you to get a look at how the Chinese lunar calendar works.

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